Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Select 'Swivel Caster' or 'Rigid Caster' then click on desired model number to see more details.= 24-48 Hour PRONTO® Shipment.
DiameterFaceWheel TypeSwivel Model NumberMSRPLoad Capacity (lbs.)Overall HeightWeight Lbs.
52Aqualite®S-STA-5AZ$1236506 125
52PlastexS-STA-5PZ$1218006 126
52Poly-Tech®S-STA-5NFZ$1246006 125
52Stainless SteelS-STA-5S$2248006 1216
52Stainless SteelS-STA-5SZ$2288006 1216
52Unilast®S-STA-5UYZ$1338006 125
52Versa-Tech®S-STA-5TEZ$1233506 125
52White NylonS-STA-5WNZ$1288006 125
62Aqualite®S-STA-6AZ$1367507 125
62PlastexS-STA-6PZ$1358007 127
62Poly-Tech®S-STA-6NFZ$1388007 126
62Stainless SteelS-STA-6S$2638007 1222
62Stainless SteelS-STA-6SZ$2838007 1222
62Unilast®S-STA-6UYZ$1518007 126
62Versa-Tech®S-STA-6TEZ$1354107 126
62White NylonS-STA-6WNZ$1408007 126
82Aqualite®S-STA-8AZ$1378009 126
82PlastexS-STA-8PZ$1348009 128
82Poly-Tech®S-STA-8NFZ$1418009 128
82Stainless SteelS-STA-8S$4728009 1237
82Stainless SteelS-STA-8SZ$4968009 1237
82Unilast®S-STA-8UYZ$1678009 128
82Versa-Tech®S-STA-8TEZ$1445009 128
82White NylonS-STA-8WNZ$1488009 128

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